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Meet our team of Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists, Nurses & Educated Professionals in Dance, Music, and Fitness.

We will move you safely through each class and help you achieve your fitness goals, big or small, when you join our community.

Our wide variety kids classes will have your child moving, dancing, singing, playing instruments and so much more.

Young or old we have a class for you!

Kelly Duncalfe – Owner & Instructor

We Move SK started in 2009 with Kelly offering Zumba® Fitness (which later grew into a variety of Adult Fitness classes).  Kelly loved moving (in particular dancing) and found herself bored in the typical gym routine of cardio machines and having no clue what to do with other pieces of equipment found at the gym.  She knew she was not alone and decided to take her extensive knowledge of dance and the body and turn this into a career of health and fitness. 

Through out the early years of We Move SK (we had a few other business names in the growing phases), Kelly and the team were seen at fitness fundraisers around the city starting the “Party” and leading classes in numerous facilities, studio, churches, and halls.  There were many hours of teaching around Saskatchewan and continuing to train and develop new tools by travelling all over North America to obtain certifications, degrees, and diplomas.   

When Kelly was in College in Toronto (at age 18) she made a business plan for a family movement facility!  It included a dance studio, private music rooms, a gym for adults, with one huge open space for the extra family member who did not want dance, music or work outs but needed to be entertained!  In 2012, Kelly became a mom and that audacious business plan seemed to be something more than a dream but a facility in which Saskatoon did not have and needed.  

The prenatal and postnatal training taken to simply keep her moving optimally while teaching became the birth of many new offerings- check out every class that includes “with me”.  These offerings fed her passion for learning.  They grew our team and became Kelly’s sanity and connection needed for navigating the lifelong mission of parenting and community. 

As Kelly’s children Dylan and Axel grew so did the offerings of We Move SK.  Kelly experienced first hand classes segregated into ages, milestones, or strict dress codes.  She wanted extracurricular activities to include both of her kids (as time is limited) and why not experience FUN as a FAMILY!  Since her oldest was 9 months old, We Move SK has been creating and developing our kids and family classes.

Thank you for supporting a dream!  Thank you for joining our community in which we cherish and thrive from.  Most importantly thank you for choosing YOU by giving you and your family movement, music, memories and a lot of FUN!