Elissa Houk


  • Zumba® Basic 1
  • Zumba® Basic 2
  • Zumba® Gold
  • Zumba® in the circuit
  • Pound® Rockout Work out
  • BA in Contemporary Dance from the University of Calgary
  • Certified Pilates instructor
  • First Aid and HCP CPR
  • Masters of Physiotherapy from the University of Saskatchewan

Performance and Training Highlights

  • Has performed and presented contemporary dance pieces throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan
  • Traveled to Poland for training in contemporary dance and physical theatre
  • Over 15 years experience in teaching and choreography
  • Over 30 years of dance training

Elissa’s 3 Favorite Things:

  1. Zumba® with friends
  2. A good book with hot chocolate and her dog curled up on her lap
  3. Christmas!!!

What inspired me to teach?

I have always loved dance and music. As an adult after moving on from dance as a full-time commitment, I found I still craved movement but that I was happier when I was moving to music. The inspiration to teach came from the desire to share the happiness I experienced while working out with Kelly and dancing my way back to fitness.

Why do I teach?

I teach because it makes me feel good and because the group of people working out in front of me is always so dedicated and enthusiastic!

What do I teach?

I mostly teach Zumba® but also teach Pound® from time to time and I have also been known to dabble in teaching some conditioning classes.

Fun Fact

I wish I could decorate for Christmas from November until March. All winter long should be Christmas time!