Nora Linsley


  • Artistic and Foundations of Gymnastics coaching course
  • Kinesiology student at the University of Saskatchewan

Career Highlights

  • Currently play collegiate flag football

  • Taken music lessons since I was little and have participated in multiple musical productions

  • Coached basketball skills camps for young athletes

Nora’s 3 Favorite Things:

  1. Playing sports

  2. Tacos

  3. Playing the piano

What inspired me to teach?

Growing up I have had many amazing teachers and coaches who have been great role models and have always provided comfortable and safe spaces for me to learn. Because of those people, I have always wanted to teach and to have a positive impact on the people I meet. 

Why do I teach?

I teach because I love to meet new people and share my passions with others! I love to be physically active and it excites me to have the opportunity to share that love with others, and to help people reach their goals!

What do I teach?

I will be assisting Tumbling classes and teaching Summer camps.

Fun Fact

I roasted marshmallows on top of an active volcano!