Angela Achtemichuk


  •  Zumba Basic Level 1
  • Zumba Basic Level 2
  • Zumba Kids Junior
  • ADAPT Jazz/Tap Dance teach Junior and Pre-Inter
  • First Aid and CPR C

Performance and Training Highlights

  •        Owned/operated The Joyous Dance, a dance studio in Martensville, for 5 years

  • Instructing dance and fitness in Saskatchewan for 12 years at various studios as well as running own classes/self-contracting

  • Member of Stiletto Vibe Dance Company, dancing in charity and business performances in the Saskatoon community

  • Danced competitively and recreationally in a variety of genres in many adult groups as well as taken some Jazz dance examinations to keep up with technique

  • Attended Dance Teacher Summit in NYC in 2015 and Long Beach in 2016, taking classes from many highly acclaimed Dance Professionals

  • Volunteered leading Zumba warm-ups for various Charities including CIBC Breast Cancer for the Cure, SK Kidney Foundation & Walk for Tourettes

  • A part of Team Diabetes – raising money for the cause & participating in a ½ marathon (Scotland) and a 10 km (Iceland)

Angela's 3 Favorite Things:

  1. The relaxing and content feeling that comes from participating in movement

  2. Travel

  3. Family- crafting and baking with my son and hanging out in nature with the fam jam

What inspired me to teach?

When I was in Grade 1 I knew I wanted to be a Dance teacher. My parents initially enrolled me in skating which I decided I didn’t love but am but am forever grateful they experimented with me and had me try dance. I fell in love and knew that a dancer was part of who I am. I am so grateful that I now get to share my passion with others for a living!

Why do I teach?

I teach because I absolutely LOVE to move and enjoy connecting with others through movement/strive to make a difference in their lives through sharing that passion. Ultimately, I find it tons of fun and it’s a way for me to go with the flow/not take myself too seriously!

What do I teach?

Parented Strength & Tumbling and Zumba

Fun Fact

I love patterns! Most of my workout pants will have a funky pattern on them.