Important information for our Spring 2024 session:

Welcome to our SPRING 2024 session at We Move SK!  We would like to welcome you to our studios, whether you are NEW or have been part of our community for the past 14+ we are grateful to have you!

Needed for specific genres of classes:  

Music Together: Please ensure all extra toys from home remain in cubbies or at home.  All instruments needed for classes and materials will be provided at the studio.  Bare feet, socks, or indoor shoes are welcome.  Comfortable clothing that everyone can move in is needed.

Kids Dance + Tumbling classes: Comfortable clothes, water bottle, and either grippy socks, runners, or the specific dance shoes are needed.

Fitness classes: Comfortable clothes, water bottle, and towel if desired.

We ask you to enter though the designated doors to:
1.  Help the flow of traffic as we have more than one studio and more than one class leaving and/or entering.
2. These allocations ensure parents waiting for pick-up or drop off classes have a warm hallway to wait in
3. To ensure we are following the mall and parkade hours of operation, to avoid anyone being stuck at Market Mall.

We understand the door designation is not always your first choice as we have two entrances, however we encourage you to keep in mind the following reasons and our instructor will have the sign in equipment at the designed entry only.

Classes that will enter/exit our front outside entrance on McEown Ave are: You will also exit via the same entrance at the end of class or we will bring your child to you at this entrance following class.  Parking on McEown Ave is most convenient.

Monday classes:

6:15 pm- Hip Hop (ages 8-12)

7:00 pm- Pound

8:15 pm- Conditioning + KO8 combo class


Tuesday classes:

7:15 pm- Zumba/Toning combo class

8:20 pm- Stretch


Wednesday classes:

7:00 pm- Ballet/Jazz Level 2 (ages 6-9)


Thursday classes:

7:00 pm- Kids Strength & Tumbling (ages 7+)

7:15 pm- Prenatal Yoga


Saturday classes:

10:00 am- Music Together

11:00 am- Music Together


Sunday classes:

10:00 am- Parented Strength & Tumbling (ages 2-5 with an adult)

11:00 am- Parented Strength & Tumbling (ages 2-5 with an adult)

Classes that will enter our Mall entrance inside of Market Mall are:  You will also exit via the same entrance at the end of classes, or we will bring your child to you at this entrance/exit following class.  It is best to park underground and walk up past Fabric Land and head down the long hallway where you will see our We Move posters the entire way down. Bonus adults have a warm hallway to pick up and drop off their children in.

Monday classes:

5:15 pm- Hip Hop (ages 5-7)

Wednesday classes:

5:00 pm- Beginner Ballet/Jazz combo (ages 3-4)

6:00 pm- Ballet/Jazz Level 1 (ages 4-6)


Saturday classes:

9:15 am- Beginner Ballet/Jazz (ages 3-4)

10:15 am- Ballet/Jazz Level 1 (ages 4-6)

11:15 am- Hip Hop (ages 5-7)

12:15 pm- Hip Hop (ages 3-4)


Sunday Classes:

10:15 am- Beginner Ballet/Jazz (ages 3-4)

11:15 am- Hip Hop (ages 3-4)


Classes that it DOES NOT MATTER WHICH ENTRANCE IS USED, please pick which is more convenient for you:


Monday Classes:

9:45 am- Music Together

10:50 am- Workout with Me!


Tuesday Classes:

10:00 am- Music Together

11:00 am- Music Together

12:00 pm- Stretch

4:30 pm- Kids Strength & Tumbling (ages 5-6)

5:45 pm- Kids Strength & Tumbling Level 1+ 2 (ages 7+)

6:00 pm- Music Together


Wednesday Classes:

9:30 am- Music Together®

10:30 am- Move with Me!

11:45 am- Workout with Me!


Thursday Classes:

10:45 am- Music Together

6:00 pm- Yoga All Levels


Friday Classes:

9:45 am- Parented Strength & Tumbling (ages2-5 with an adult)


Saturday classes:

12:00 pm- Parented Strength & Tumbling (ages 2-5 with an adult)

1:00 pm- Kids Strength & Tumbling (ages 5-6)

2:15 pm- Kids Strength & Tumbling (ages 7+)

3:30 pm- Parented Strength & Tumbling (ages 2-5 with an adult)



  1. Instructors will be at your assigned entrance to greet and check you or the participant into the class. Note: Entrances open 15 minutes prior to class time. Doors are locked at class time.  If you are late please use the doorbell option or text the phone (306-250-7885).
  2. Non- parented classes: staff will bring each child in one by one to enter them into their specific studio. If a participant is having a hard time leaving their adult, an additional staff member will stay with the child until they are calm and participating in class.  Note: Guardians are not permitted into non-parented classes.  Once one guardian enters a studio, many younger participants find themselves very upset their guardian is also not there too.  If your child takes time to transition no problem an additional instructor will update you on how they are doing during the class if needed.
  3. Please arrive ready to go. Outdoor shoes will be left on the shoe mats outside of the We Move studio door (if entering the mall entry). Outdoor shoes will be left in the vestibule upon entering the outdoor entrance of We Move SK (if entering on McEown Ave).  Leave all additional belongings in your vehicle wherever possible (Please keep this in mind for younger participants special toys).
  4. Please bring a water bottle for the participant.
  5. Instructors will direct all flow of traffic.
  6. Doors will be locked during some class times and will only open for entry/exit times.
  7. If you are late and an entrance is not open, text: 306-250-7885 and staff will greet you as soon as they can or ring the doorbell so we are aware you are there.
  8. Parents/guardians: we will bring your children out to you at the end of class time.
  9. Note: for drop off classes we will send more information about “Show and Share” this is when you will be permitted to watch your child inside of the studios.

Make up classes
You can book these at any time on your Wellness Living account.  Please look at our website or your initial confirmation booking to see rules and regulations on make-up classes.

To book a make-up class:
1. Sign into your Wellness Living account
2. “Early cancel” your scheduled class that you need to rebook.
3.  Find the category of originally booked class.  Hit “enrol” and choose the time/day of preferred make-up class
Note: Only classes with space will show up

4. We Move will send an additional list of make-up options no later than Week 3 of our term.

We are excited to get moving with you this SPRING!

Let us know if you have any other questions,

Kelly and the entire We Move Team