Kylie Besse


  • Preschool Ballet and Tap teacher
  • 15 years of Dance training 
  • High school graduate

Performance and Training Highlights


    • Travelled across Canada for competitions
    • Performed for Harlem Globe Trotters
    • Travelled to Las Vegas for Tremaine Dance Conventions
    • Performed with RiderFlo for the Saskatchewan Roughriders
    • Travelled to Kelowna for the Crystal Classic Grand Championships

Kylie's 3 Favorite Things:

  1. Road trips
  2. Surfing
  3. Warm weather

What inspired me to teach?

I had always looked up to my teachers at dance and had always loved being at dance. I would always pretend to be a teacher at family gatherings, at the age of 6. I had always planned on teaching, as soon as I started co-teaching I knew that teaching would be my thing.

Why do I teach?

  • I have always enjoyed being with children and adding a positive piece to everyone’s day.

What do I teach?

  • Ballet/Jazz and Hip Hop

Fun Fact

I don’t like bread, weird right?!