Cailey McCulloch


  • Zumba® Basic 1
  • Zumba® Basic 2
  • Zumba® Toning
  • Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association Certifications Theory Group, Land Fitness and Pre and Post Natal Fitness
  • Insanity® Live
  • Pound® Rockout Work out
  • First Aid and CPR C
  • Scottish Dance Teachers’ Alliance Associate Certificate
  • Bachelor of Education and Arts degrees – University of Saskatchewan
  • Master of Education – University of Saskatchewan

Performance and Training Highlights

  • Professional Highland dancer for many years: performed and competed in Highland Dance across Scotland, Japan, Disneyworld, Disneyland Paris, and western Canada
  • Completed Sea Wheeze Half Marathon August 2014
  • Completed two triathlons and one duathlon Spring 2016
  • Successfully reached the summit of Machu Picchu via 3 day hike July 2017

Cailey’s 3 Favorite Things:

  1. Family and friends

  2. Physical activity, especially anything with rhythm and dance

  3. A day at the lake

What inspired me to teach?

I taught highland dance for five years throughout high school and university. As my professional dance days came to a close I needed to feed my dance soul in new ways and thus I found Zumba®. I am inspired by the joy I feel from participants in all classes. I get to share the fun, challenge and exhilaration of a good workout with all who come to class.

Why do I teach?

I love making physical activity accessible to all people regardless of their age, or ability. The beat of the music and the beating of our hearts unites us all!

What do I teach?


Fun Fact

My dog-walking attire can be highly questionable – I have been know to wear my housecoat and rubber boots around the block to walk my furry friend Willis.