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What is Music Together? And who were all of those winners…

Music, dance, play, learning, family bonding, fun – these are just some of the things you’ll experience in a Music Together® class at We Move.

Music Together® is a parented 45 minute class for children ages 0-7. For the duration of the class, a Music Together® certified instructor will lead the group through music and movement activities. The songs come from a set collection that changes each term. This fall, we’ll be singing from the Fiddle Collection.

When you enrol in a Music Together® class, you receive that term’s songbook, music APP and CD, so you can listen and sing to the songs at home.

Why mixed age? Having children of different ages mean they can all learn from and help each other. There is also no stress over ‘keeping up’ with peers, and children are able to grow at their own pace.

Why parented? The mission of Music Together® is to bring music into our everyday lives. If our parents are comfortable singing, so will their children be. It’s also a great time to bond with your child! Both caregivers can come. Grandparents are welcome, too!

What songs do we sing? Some of the songs are old favourites (My Bonnie, Skip to My Lou), some are traditional songs from other countries and cultures, and some are written by the team at Music Together® for the sole purpose of building the Music Together® curriculum.

Why Music Together®? It’s a great way to introduce your child to music without formal lessons. Adults as well as children will gain confidence in their music ability and hone their music skills. Families will bond, and you’ll make new friends!

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Now what you have probably been waiting for…..

Thank you to all of our amazing local supporters for donating these amazing prizes!  

All winners can pick up their prizes at We Move- Thursday, Aug. 9 between 11:00am-8:00pm  

The winners are…..