In Studio COVID Policies

For the safety of our students and instructors, we are implementing new cleaning and maintenance protocols and will uphold all protocols set forth by the Saskatchewan Government in regards to COVID-19. In addition, we will be limiting class sizes until further notice.  




1) Everyone will be permitted into the facility one by one.  

2) You must bring “COVID Screening questions” at the time of arrival for every class. 

3) Participants participating in the small studio will enter via our Market Mall inside entrance. 

4) Participants participating in the large studio will enter via our McEown Ave entrance.

5) Please arrive with your workout clothing on.   Outdoor shoes will be left in the vestibule.  Leave all additional belongings in your vehicle.  

6) Wait outside of the studio on marked social distancing spaces until permitted into the facility and directed to your studio.

7) Upon entering the studio, students must immediately wash their hands and wipe down their water bottles and/or mats with provided disinfectants. No exceptions.

8) Instructors will direct all flow of traffic. Please maintain a safe distance from other participants at all times.

9) Studio floors are marked, please find your designated numbered square.  Bring your water bottle and other belongings into the square with you.  

10) Sharing of any equipment will not be permitted.

11) Doors will be locked during class, and will only open for entry/exit times.  

12) There will be no waiting areas open at any time or guardians permitted inside the facility. 

13) At the end of class, students will wipe down all equipment used and place into labeled “soiled” bins.  There will be no access to waiting area at the end of class.

14) Upon exiting the facility, instructors and/or We Move SK staff will bring your children out to you as you wait on the designated social distancing spaces outside of the facility either on McEown Ave or inside Market Mall in our hallway dependant on which studio you participated in. 





1) We ask that everyone limit the amount of surfaces that they touch when they are in our facility.

2) Maintain a safe distance away from others at all times.

3) If you feel unwell, please do not come to the facility. If you have a booked class and feel ill, please contact us and we will cancel it for you up to 2 hours before the class.  Any student who cancels due to illness will not be permitted to rejoin classes for 14 days or send us a negative COVID result to be permitted prior to the 14 day clause. 

4) Washroom access is granted ONLY in the washroom inside of the studio you are participating in.  






Our large studio has 56 spaces maintaining the 6 feet social distancing.  Our small studio has 40 spaces maintaining the 6 feet social distancing. We are maintaining all guidelines set out by the SHA.



Music Together Class changes:

1) Each family will be directed to a number on the studio floor, where they will place their own blanket from home, to clearly mark their families spot.  

2) Each family will be given a bag of instruments upon entering to keep at their blanket all class.

3) Choreographed movement will maintain social distancing.


Staggering of class times: 

1) We have staggered all of the different studio start times so classes will not be entering or exiting the facility at the same time.

2) Older siblings who are in a movement class at a similar class time as the younger child/guardians are participating in Music classes, will be occupied in the movement class studio until the end of the music class as we will not be able to transfer children from studio to studio or class to class.