Why are we called We Move?

We explored so many possible names for our studio – names to do with fitness, community, atmosphere of our space – but nothing seemed to fit.

We kept coming back to our mission, which is to be inclusive of all ages and ability levels. Everyone has a place in our studio, and we needed our name to convey that.

We also needed our name to acknowledge that we are not just a fitness studio. We are a place to learn music, to try dance, to make friends, to learn about our bodies and our health, and most important to be part of our community.


is a simple name, but it covers the complexity of what our studio believes in. Inclusion, growth and community!

There is something for everybody here.

Babies! Toddlers! Children! We have Music Together, ballet/jazz, hip hop, and acro classes for all of these age groups.

Pre-natal moms! Check out our Pre-Natal Work Out with Me, Prenatal Stretch and Pre-Natal Yoga classes.

Post-Natal Families! Bring baby with you (and big brother or sister if you need to) for our Move with Me, Stretch with Me, Work Out with Me, and Yoga 4 Mom and Child classes.

Adults looking for a variety of work out classes: we have conditioning, TRX, kettle bell, acro, acro yoga, dance, Piyo®, Pound, Zumba® Toning and Zumba®.

Older adults! If you’re looking for a gentler workout, we have older adult dance fitness and stretch classes.

Feeling stressed? Need something mellow? We have stretch, all levels yoga, meditation and restorative yoga classes.

EVERYONE has a space to grow and learn here.


We play, We learn, We grow, We Move!