6-8 summer camp-7

We are moving!

When you are given lemons ??? Make lemonade

1.5 years ago, we were told Market Mall had been bought by a new company and we were going to be loosing our current spaces.  I spent days crying, screaming (sure did), days and hours driving around looking at different leases, buildings, my dad flew home to help me do the same. Many other business changes followed—which eventually led to us creating a new name We Move SK and adding new classes to our rooster.

I never imagined I would build brand new new studios in a mall I already had two working studios in but we are doing it!!! We are taking this space and we are going to transform it into a space I always dreamed of. We are creating a space for families to move in, socialize in, educate themselves in and so much more.

We have two full construction teams and two general contractors working around the clock to create this space quicker than anyone could have ever imagined.  Follow our social media pages to see progress and let us bring you along with us on this journey.???

I have a family who have challenged me in this choice (for good reasons) and given me 3000% of their support to continue to live out my dreams of building a space and I am forever grateful??. I could have never done any of this with out the support of my team! Jumping in and covering my classes, continuing to learn so we can bring new offerings to our new space, shoulders to cry on, brains to bounce ideas off of, and so much more. 

Saskatoon I hope you are ready for all @wemovesk has in store for you…. big changes to come????

Official move in date is May 15th, 2019.  We cannot wait to see you in the new transformed space.

 We play, We learn, We grow, We Move!