Raquel Jenkins


  • AcroYoga Level One – AcroYoga Montreal – 2016 Montreal QC
  • AcroYoga Level Two – Acroyoga Montreal – 2017 Tuscon, AZ, USA
  • Hatha Yoga 200HR – Ground Yoga; Vincent Lu – 2017 Saskatoon, SK
  • AcroYoga (Continuing Ed.) – VanCity Acro – 2018 Vancouver, BC
  • Pops and Icarian AcroYoga – Acro Superheroes – 2015, 2016, 2017 Calgary, AB
  • BA Linguistics and Languages – UofS – 2011 Saskatoon, SK
  • Business Admin Certificate – Sask Polytechnic – 2014 Saskatoon, SK
  •  Music Together ®

Performance and Training Highlights

  • Over 7 years of acroyoga experience and 13 years of yoga experience
  • Owner and instructor for SaskAcro, a local open-call acroyoga initiative that works to support acroyoga students, teachers, and the community abroad by hosting events, workshops, and classes in partnership with movement-minded businesses. 
  • Regularly travels across Canada and the US for acroyoga festivals, workshops, and intensives to bring the latest skills and training methods back home to Saskatoon. Favourites include Unity Fest in BC, Canadian Acroyoga Intensive in Ottawa, VIVAcroyoga in Montreal, Divine Play in Portland, OR and Wanderlust in Austin, TX.
  • Sole organizer and producer of, as well as performed in, the second edition of the Moments in Motion acroyoga show here in Saskatoon.
  • Dance Camp in Montreal, QC. Involved in creating a full-length acroyoga and dance show within 5 days with participants and instructors from all over the world.
  • Loved basing (and flying) hands free in the Pops and Icarian AcroYoga workshops held in Calgary, AB by the Acro Superheroes last year.
  • Initiated AcroChat, an informal talk session geared towards raising awareness about current events in acroyoga.


Raquel's 3 Favorite Things

1. Her big fluffy Maine Coon kitty, George
2. Road trips to explore breweries near and far with her husband, Shawn
3. Reading! I will seriously read anything but my favourite genres are mystery, fantasy, and historical romance, and comic books

What inspired me to teach?

I was hit by a semi-truck when I was 17 that left me unable to do normal/typical movement for several years. I spent most of my late adolescence and early adulthood doing physical therapy and thought I would never be strong or flexible enough to express myself artistically. Yoga was a fun and interesting way to increase my bodily awareness and stay fit but I still felt isolated on the mat; I was part of a movement community but I didn’t really know anyone. On whim I signed up for an acroyoga class and fell in love with the practice. I felt empowered, energized, and connected after just one class! I didn’t think I would be able to lift someone and never did I think someone could lift me up but by the end of class I experienced both! I knew this was gift I wanted to share with the world and I’ve been hooked ever since my first class in 2012!

Why do I teach?

I teach because I love watching someone discover their potential and grow. Self-doubt is hard to overcome alone but with a bit of outside guidance and support the small voice inside that says you can’t do it can be quickly silenced. You are capable of great things and as an instructor it fills my heart with joy to watch you find your edge and move beyond it.

What do I teach?

If you can’t tell already, Acroyoga!!! Fun for all ages, if you haven’t tried it already I look forward to seeing you in class. I’m always happy to chat about acro or any yoga topic!

Fun Fact

I LOVE Garfield comics…like, a lot! I have almost all the comic books and my entire house is filled with Garfield and Friends plushies, artwork, toys, cookie jars, clocks, and other comic inspired memorabilia.