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How To Make Up Missed Classes

So you woke up sick one day and had to miss your class at We Move.

Now what?

Make up your missed class at another time!

Here at We Move SK, we know that life happens, whether it’s illness, a fussy baby, or a holiday. We offer students who have enrolled in our sessions the ability and flexibility to make up their missed classes so they can truly get their money’s worth.

Here’s how to make up a missed class:

Step 1: If you know ahead of time that you’re going to be away, cancel your reservation for that day through your We Move account. ( If you’re having trouble accessing your account, let us know!

Step 2: Refer to your email: Make up classes for times you can attend.  Alternatively, check out our drop-in schedule to find a class similar to yours to drop in to. If you’re unable to make those times, try out another class instead!

That’s it!

If you’re making up classes, you might end up coming twice or three times in one week, and that’s okay!

Watch out! All make-up classes need to happen before the end of term. New term = new attendance, so don’t miss out!

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