Alixa Flexibility Instructor Course- Module 1

November 26, 2019

Alixa Flexibility runs courses all over the world on how to properly
teach flexibility focusing on injury prevention, and safe techniques
to stretch & improve.

Our Instructor Flexibility Certification Courses cover…
*How to safely become more flexible
*Using flexibility to prevent injuries
*Correct stretching techniques & spotting
*How to use flexibility to improve elements

We discuss theory, lesson planning, strength to balance flexibility,
motivation techniques, psychological aspects of stretching, brain-body
connections, and more.

Alixa Flexibility is the safe way to learn flexibility- that works.
Here is a video about our courses:

Courses are 8 hours long & cost $330 (CAN). Participants receive both
a flexibility manual & strength supplement with their certification.

Module 1 will be held:
Nov 26th, 2019
Saskatoon, Canada

To register, or for more information, please look at our website at: