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Drop-in Classes at We Move SK!

Want to move with us? Unable to attend a full 15-week enrollment this term? We have drop-in classes!

There are two ways to look for drop-in times at We Move SK.

  1. Regular drop in schedule:https://wemovesk.com/drop-in/

Once our schedule and registration numbers are finalized, we’ll send out an email (sign up here!) and post to our Facebook Page with our weekly drop-in schedule.

2. Watch Facebook and Instagram for daily updates

If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram you’ll receive updates on drop-in spots available DAILY. That means if you decide Tuesday morning that you want to drop-in Tuesday evening, you can find an update on social media, then call or email the studio  to book your spot!

Why are there student caps in your classes?

This is for safety and for creating an ideal environment for our students. For example, children find it far more difficult in Music Together® to stay connected in a large class.  In a conditioning class, we want to make sure we have enough equipment and space for all of our students. Having several surprise drop-ins could prevent that.

What classes do you offer drop-ins for?

As long as there is room in our classes, we offer drop-ins for:

Adult Dance (Experience and No Experience), Conditioning, Meditation, PiYo®, Pound®, Zumba® Gold, Zumba® Toning, Stretch, All Levels Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Work Out With Me (pre and postnatal), Move With Me, Stretch With Me and Yoga With Me.

Are there any classes you don’t offer drop-ins for past week two?

We do not offer drop-ins for any of our acro classes, kettle bell, Music Together®,TRX®, or children’s dance as these are all progressions-based enrolments. A drop-in student to a children’s dance class would lack the behavioural and dance skills learned in previous weeks. A drop-in student to acro, kettlebell, and TRX® would lack the knowledge from previous weeks that are necessary for participating safely in class.

Here are the prices for our drop-in classes!  Remember your first class is always FREE!

Adult Fitness: $15.75
Music Together: $21.00
Pre and Postnatal: $15.00

To review, there are two ways to find out about drop-ins at We Move SK.

  1. Check our regular weekly drop-in schedule (coming out in September).
  2. Watch Facebook or Instagram for daily updates.

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We play, We learn, We grow, We Move!